Asbestos Disposal Services Adelaide / asbestos-removal

Asbestos is a material that has the potential to be harmful when loose particles become airborne. Removal of asbestos is not something that can be done by anybody and you require the necessary training and skills in order to complete the job properly and safely.

At A Haros Demolition we have the experience, skills, tools and certifications that allow us to perform asbestos disposal in compliance with industry standard. The Team at A Haros Demolition can remove asbestos from Commercial & Domestic sites. Our team carries out the necessary planning, risk assessment, removal and safe waste disposal required to complete the job properly from start to finish.

Removing asbestos safely

Removing asbestos safely is something that takes great care, attention to detail, training and up to date technology. We work with State of the Art Equipment all which allows us to complete all asbestos removal jobs efficiently and to a high standard. The team at A Haros Demolition will work closely with developers, local authorities and homeowners to ensure their property is free from asbestos and the harmful effects it can cause.

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